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Dutch Shepherds


Karma Face MR.jpg

Von Der Kings No Need for Revenge


02 / 16/ 2013

OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

Karma is a smaller size female from our BOR x DIVA litter. Karma is an excellent mother and brings a lot to the table. Karma brings speed, athleticism, structure, even temperament, ball drive, and full pushing bites.

She is very accomplished breeding female with our friend Sandy Williams as her handler.


FR1(1st leg) - French Ring

UAGII - Agility
UCD - Obedience
UNJCH - Dock Diving
UWP - Weight Pull
PTA Nosework
NI Nosework
URO3 - Rally OB
CH- Conformation

UKC Top 10 (Conformation)

2013 #8
2015 #3

Mother to:

FR3 Regional Vice Champion, Explosives Detection Dog "Abra"
OH Police K9 "Panzer"
FR Brevet "Kyra"
Contract Detection Dog "Floki"
UKC Top Conformation Champion "Bravo"
UKC Top Conformation Champion and PSA3 competitor
PSA3 competitor "Arria"

IPO competitor "Zen"
Customs and Border Protection "Tesla"
Customs and Border Protection "Piper"

MI Police K9 "Jade"
UKC Top Conformation Champion "Echo"

Customs and Border Protection "Bindi"
Customs and Border Protection "Ferro"
OH Police K9 "Nico"
Roswell K9 "Zoey"
Liberty County K9 "Kona"
Customs and Border Protection "Trunks"
Customs and Border Protection "Saber"
FR2 (1st leg) "Atari"
FR1 "Freki"



Bunkerdogs M.R. Twixx at VDK


10 / 05/ 2010

OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

Every so often an opportunity presents itself to acquire a very special dog;  Twixx is that dog! Twixx comes to use from Bunkerdogs USA, originally imported from Bunkerdogs Holland. Twixx is sired by the notable Iwan Vrielink (PH1 – 422.5) who went on to become an Anti-Terrorism Police K9. Twixx’s pedigree doesn’t stop their either, with Twixx being a Castor de Groot (PH1) granddaughter on her Sire’s side and a Wibo van Leeuwen (CERTIFICAAT POLITIE SURVEILLANCE HOND) granddaughter on her dam’s side.

Twixx has a very distinguished pedigree; however she is environmentally stable, social with people and easy to live with. Twixx does however have some livestock aggression issues.



Calhoun County Explosives K9 "Rocket"
Highland Park Narcotics K9 "Trexx"

Milan Explosives K9 "Lia"
FEMA Search and Rescue K9 "Halo"

French Ringsport competitor "Lakota"
Explosives Contact K9 "Zuri"

Explosives K9 and IPO competitor "Enzo"
Bay County Sheriff's Department "Linc"



4.12.11 - 1.JPG

Avan Smithaus Vonderkings Diva


08 / 27/ 2010

Diva is a tad on the smaller side weighing about 5olbs. She is very quick and athletic. Diva is environmentally stable, sure on all surfaces, and has a great ball and hunt drive. Divas first litter produced some fantastic working dogs with 3 Males working in Law Enforcement (Mesa AZ, Bloomfield OH, and Michigan), 1 Male training for French Ring Sport and 2 Females training for French Ring Sport.


CH - Conformation
URO1 - Rally
CSAU - Temperament Test

UKC Top 10 conformation:
2012 - #6



Mesa AZ Police K9 "Elvis"
Highland Park K9 "Kilo" 
OH PD K9 "Rico"

Narcotics and French Ring Competitor "Bane"

Multi-titled and French Ring Competitor "Karma"
IPO competitor and past Explosives K9 "Dealer"


OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal


Chercar Darbydales Sudn Impact


03 / 22/ 2008

Blitz is a large, outgoing, social Dutch Shepherd with balanced drives. Blitz is stable in his work but can bring power and fight when needed. He has great ball, hunt and retrieve drives.

Blitz is on the larger size for his breed; he would be perfect to add height, bone, solid nerve and a social outgoing temperament to any female.


CH - Conformation
CGC - Temperament Test

FO - SDA Family Obedience
P1OB - 
P1 - 
FR1 - French Ring 1 (1st Leg)

UKC Top 10 conformation:
2012 - #9
2009 - #9


OFA Hips: Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

Belgian Malinois


Cuervo Profile.jpg

Von Der King's Rusty Knife


12 / 01/ 2008

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

Cuervo is a medium sized Belgian Malinois with great conformation. Cuervo possesses an intense yet balanced genetic drive base, with a serious civil side. Cuervo is resilient to correction from both decoy and handler alike- paired with a very strong sense of self worth and independence when working / trialing. In many respects Cuervo would make a better Police K9 than a competition dog. Despite the resilience and intense drives, Cuervo is still fairly bidabble.

Cuervo has produced Malinois with very high levels of possession with some dogs becoming a bit too much for the handler. His offspring tend to be intense and extremely smart, athletic and fairly biddable.


2015 FR2 Eastern Regional Vice Champion

FR3 Competitor

Narcotics Detection Dog


G'VDK Moxzilla del Fuego Interno


12 / 14/ 2011

OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

Moxie comes from some awesome French Ring lines and there is a good reason why! Moxie is a strong, social, confident, outgoing female with a stable personality and drive to match. She has full pushing grips with excellent prey drive and a bit of an attitude when pressure is applied, yet remains very biddable towards the handler. Moxie is not for a first time handler, as she can offer multiple behaviors quicker than most handlers can comprehend. Moxie can also have a passive aggressive attitude at times.


2019 FR3 NARA 3rd place Cup
2018 TEAM USA Cup of Americas FR2 2nd Place

2018 FR2 3rd place Eastern Regionals
FR2 3rd place NARA Championship

2017 TEAM USA Coupe Intercontinental, Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. FR1 4th place (13 competitors).

Mother to:

Canada Police K9 "Axel"
MI Police K9 "Jagger"

German Shepherds



Juno King


Juno was my first dog. Knowing nothing of breeds or lines  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a nice working litter of GSDs locally bred. Both of his parents competed in IPO, earning high titles. 

While we learned and grew together, earning titles and placement awards, my favorite memory of Juno isnt the on field success. My favorite memory of Juno is tracking a big buck I shot. Juno help track him for over an hour. Without Juno, I would not have found that buck.  


CGC - Temperament Test

P2 - SDA Protection 2
PD1 - SDA "Police Dog" 1


06 / 26/ 2005

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal


Esta Body.jpg

Esta von Krausplatz


Esta is an import from the Netherlands. She is an extremely intelligent bitch that makes logic jumps I have never seen before. Esta has extreme drives with a serious side and a little bit of an independent side to her. Esta is not handler sharp, nor is she handler sensitive.  She has added great structure and work ethic to all of her off spring.

Esta has passed over the rainbow bridge. I could not have asked for a better foundation bitch. 

Rest in Peace Esta. 





05 / 02/ 2004

SV: HD a-normal (a1)

OFA Elbows: Normal

Lauren Stacked - 1.jpg

Ayla von der Pfeffergasse


09 / 11/ 2008

Lauren is a beautiful, medium build, black and tan import from Germany. Lauren is nicely balanced between prey and defense with solid nerve to back it up. Fast and athletic, sound temperament, easy to train, gentle on the handler, social with a little bit of an attitude in her bite work, this girl has it all!


UCH - Conformation

Brevet - French Ring
CGC - Temperament Test

Mother to:

Chelsea PD Dual Purpose K9 "Hondo"
Detroit PD Dual Purpose K9 "Brody"


OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

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