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Von Der King Kennels


Von Der King strives to produce balanced working dogs of sound mind and structure. While every litter and pairing is different, we try to produce a dog that is social, driven, willing, and livable.

We like to see our puppies grow on to be successful as single and dual purpose for police departments, federal agencies, and as competitive sport dogs.


Nicholas King and Michelle Rivera

Von Der King Kennels breeding program started in 2010 with Nick's GSDs. While several great dogs were produced, there were too many hidden health issues that ended up cutting the working life of some of this nice progeny short.

Nick received his first Malinois "Agio" in 2009. Due to an unfortunate accident, Agio's life was cut short and "Cuervo" came to Von Der King in 2010. There he realized the better working aptitude and health of the Belgian Malinois.

Nick was introduced to Dutch Shepherds within the same time frame and added foundation female "Diva" to the kennel in 2010. 

Nick and Michelle began training together 2012. Together they began their Dutch Shepherd breeding program in 2013 with their first litter from Bor and Diva. Two puppies, Bane and Karma, were held back from that litter. Both are utilized in the program to date.

While still having the occasional Malinois litter, our passion has been found in the Dutch Shepherd program. We strive to produce some of the most well rounded working dogs in the world.

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