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Year-End French Ring 2018

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The 2018 French Ring trial season has come to an end.

*-*-*Von Der King's Black Magic "Abra"*-*-*

1st place Brevet - VDKS 3rd place FR1 - Cincinnati Ringsport 1st place FR1 - Chi Town Ringers

2nd place FR1 CUP - NARA Championship 2018 FR1 Vice Champion Highest Scoring Non-Malinois - NARA Championship

3rd place FR1 - Cup of the Americas

*-*-*G'VDK Moxzilla del Fuego Interno "Moxie"*-*-*

2nd place FR2 - VDKS 2nd place FR2 - Chi Town Ringers 3rd place FR2 - NARA Eastern Regionals

3rd place FR2 Champion

2nd place FR2 - Cup of Americas

Abra will be on to FR2 and Moxie FR3 for the 2019 trial season. Here's to next year!

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