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Ninja du Blason à Croix d'Argent


06 / 01/ 2017

OFA Hips: Pending

OFA Elbows: Pending

Ninja came to us in 2017 after we hand picked him during our CIC competition in France with Moxie.

Ninja is a serious male that loves the fight during bitework. He's a very handler bonded dog and enjoys pleasing his bonded handlers. He does not handle well for strangers and had to be taught to be accepting of such. He is generally indifferent of strange people and other dogs.

Ninja also has a lot of possession and any pairing with him would need to take that into consideration. He has shown to have great genetic environmentals.

He is medium size with moderate bone. 

Ninja was PTS in 2023 just before turning 6 due to an aggressive cancer. RIP Ninja.


2019 FR1 2nd place NARA Eastern Regionals

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