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G'VDK Moxzilla del Fuego Interno


12 / 14/ 2011

OFA Hips: Excellent

Moxie comes from some awesome French Ring lines and there is a good reason why! Moxie is a strong, social, confident, outgoing female with a stable personality and drive to match. She has full pushing grips with excellent prey drive and a bit of an attitude when pressure is applied, yet remains very biddable towards the handler. Moxie is not for a first time handler, as she can offer multiple behaviors quicker than most handlers can comprehend. Moxie can also have a passive aggressive attitude at times.

OFA Elbows: Normal


2019 FR3 NARA 3rd place Cup
2018 TEAM USA Cup of Americas FR2 2nd Place

2018 FR2 3rd place Eastern Regionals
FR2 3rd place NARA Championship

2017 TEAM USA Coupe Intercontinental, Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. FR1 4th place (13 competitors).

Mother to:

Canada Police K9 "Axel"
MI Police K9 "Jagger"

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