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Felon Den Dirty Deeds


00 / 00/ 2009

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

Loki is a large substantial male. He is everything that could be asked for in a dog. He is ready and willing to work whenever he is asked but is also an amazing house dog. With some great house dogs there is fall off in the work, with him there is none.

Loki possesses an amazing temperament. He is great with all types of people and animals. Yet, he still chases off and kills varmints from the property. He is also the dog that can do a bitework demo and be completely trustworthy to let kids interact with him a few moments later.

Loki has very hard and full pushing grips. He's able to puncture skin through comp suits.

He's a nice balance of hardness and biddability, although a little harder to correction when on the bite.


FR2 Competitor
CGC Temperament Test
URO1 Rally Obedience

CA Lure Coursing

UWP Weight Pull

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