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Von Der King's Ylgr Gildr


02 / 16/ 2019

Hips: See below

Elbows: See below

Freki is from our 2019 Karma litter. Freki is a slightly larger female with great natural jumping ability. Freki has great full bites with a lot of bite pressure behind it- enough that decoys nearly always comment. She can be a touch soft but is enough dog that she won't stand for unfair correction. Freki works very well in prey but has a natural defensive side that can be tapped into. 

I'm hopeful that she can produced some very balanced and clear headed dogs with a lot of natural strength.

Freki was from a litter of nine with four working for Border Patrol, two sold as Police K9s, and another sister "Atari" that has stayed with VDK.



NADD Dock Master - Handled by Jarid Boggs

French Ring 1

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