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Von Der King's Rusty Knife


12 / 01/ 2008

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

Cuervo is a medium sized Belgian Malinois with great conformation. Cuervo possesses an intense yet balanced genetic drive base, with a serious civil side. Cuervo is resilient to correction from both decoy and handler alike- paired with a very strong sense of self worth and independence when working / trialing. In many respects Cuervo would make a better Police K9 than a competition dog. Despite the resilience and intense drives, Cuervo is still fairly bidabble.

Cuervo has produced Malinois with very high levels of possession with some dogs becoming a bit too much for the handler. His offspring tend to be intense and extremely smart, athletic and fairly biddable.

Cuervo told us it was time and he was put to rest Sept of 2022. 


2015 FR2 Eastern Regional Vice Champion

FR3 Competitor

Narcotics Detection Dog

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