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Warum von der Fasanerie


01 / 01/ 2005

OFA Hips: Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

Polo is an amazing specimen and representation of a working German Shepherd Dog. His striking sable coat and athletic build have helped propel him to the top, obtaining a UKC Champion status in his first 4 shows, including a run for best in show.  Whenever Polo enters a room his presence is felt and grabs everyone’s attention.

Polo, imported from Germany has very strong working lines. Powerful in his bite work, Polo brings an extreme fight drive to every situation. Polo is easy to handle, balanced, social and extremely trainable.

Polo has passed over the Rainbow Bridge I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation male. Polo was amazing in every sense of the word. He is truly missed.

Frozen Semen available to approved females.


CH - Conformation
TDI - Temperament Test

CGC - Temperament Test

PD2 - SDA "Police Dog"
P3 - SDA Protection 3
FR1 - French Ring 1
T1 - Tracking

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