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Loup Garou von der King


02 / 16/ 2013

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

Bane is a larger male from our BOR x DIVA breeding. Bane is intense in everything he does and has little regard to self preservation. As such, he is missing a canine tooth due to simply chasing after a ball into an aluminium stair rail. Bane has amazing work ethic and feigns biddability through his overall want to work and chance to receive his reward. His odor detection is second to none as he greatly enjoys the hunt game and is a natural reading and following odor.

Bane brings intensity, speed, athleticism, hardness and reckless drive to his offspring.

Bane was in training for IPO but is now working towards French Ring titles. He is working towards his FR2 as of 2020.


Security Dog
Narcotics Detection

FR2 competitor

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